Printing Errors

Over the years printing errors have been made on small quantities of graphs ... these are possible errors or omissions you might find on a chart. All errors have been corrected and the charts reprinted.


Celtic Spring (L&L 50)

February 2006

The newer (2005 and 2006) printings of Celtic Spring have two mistakes. There should not be any dark green symbols within the back of the dress. There are three misplaced symbols in the front hem of the dress. CLICK HERE for a chart showing and describing the correct symbols.

Celtic Summer (L&L 56)

June 2003

CLICK HERE for an explanation of a few symbol errors on the Celtic Summer chart.

Emma's Garden (L&L 49)

March, 2002

In the child's hair, you will see a symbol that looks like a solid plus sign. In the chart key, next to DMC 677, there is an "open" plus sign. Please fill in the open symbol in the key, and it will agree with the symbol in the chart.

Angel of Mercy II (L&L 52)

November, 2001

In Angel of Mercy II, the symbols for two of the beads are reversed on the chart. The symbol that looks like an asterisk (*) should be Mill Hill bead 02011, Victorian Gold. The symbol that looks like a white circle within a black square should be Mill Hill bead 03007, Silver Moon.

Gift of Peace (L&L 6)

October, 2001

In Gift of Peace, there are a couple of symbol errors:

Starting from the top left of the chart, go down 30 stitches, and over 34 stitches. The symbol is a caret (^). It should be an X. You can see that this part of the ribbon is 'mirrored' on the other side of the chart, and in that case, the symbol is an X.

Starting from the top right of the chart, go left 18, and down 53. The symbol used is a bold dot. It should be 469, which is a diagonal line with a dot at the top.

Celtic Banner (BR 14)

January 21, 2001

Stitch count: 98 x 674

Design area: 6 3/4" x 46 1/2"

For handling and finishing we ask that you add 4 inches for width and 10 inches for length. Start down 6 inches from the top so that it fits correctly on the fabric. The best way is to purchase a piece of Glenshee linen 11" x 1 5/8 yards long. If you want to buy a less expensive linen and antique it yourself, remember that on 32 count the design area will be 6 1/8" x 42 1/8", so you'll need a piece of fabric that's 10 1/8" x 1 1/2 yards.

The Bride (L & L 9)

November 5, 2000

In "The Bride" (L & L 9), the white bead is Mill Hill 40479.

Santa Mistake

October 27, 1995

"It has come to our attention that there is a printer's error in the latest batch of Santa of the Forest designs. A whole row of stitches was cut off by the printer because they didn't think it would matter. If you have purchased this design in the last 3 months (since July 1995) Please look at the horizontal center marks...if this area has a 9 block grid instead of the normal 10 block are in possession of a bad graph.



Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum


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