These bookmarks are not easy to find in stores anymore; however, The Bookmark Collection......TG 45 contains reprints of these small designs as well as a number of new designs.

The term "bookmark" refers to the small size of these designs as well as the shape of the paper they were printed on being able to be used as a bookmark. These little designs can be used as small projects on gifts, ornaments, or anyplace where just a touch of stitching is needed. Most of them are Amish in style and very simple to stitch. They would be great for children (or others) to learn how to cross stitch!

Background story

These bookmarks were originally printed on the scrap pieces of paper that we make our toppers out of. This part was being thrown away by our printer, and so I thought a little starter design for beginner stitchers would go perfectly on them.

The first of these bookmarks printed in 1986, "The Little People", had only 1,000 copies printed. The most that was printed of any one of the bookmarks was 10,000. Needless to say, we do not have supplies of these bookmarks to give out if you request them. However, with The Bookmark Collection......TG 45, you can at least stitch the designs even if you do not have the originally printed bookmarks.

Some stitchers have made it a quest to travel to stores around the country trying to collect all of these. Lots of small stores will have a few of them collecting dust in a corner because they are so old. The retail price for these bookmarks is 50 cents. Some of these bookmarks have never appeared on any design while some come from parts of existing Told in a Garden designs.



The Little People
Grandma's Quilt
Just Friends
Country Garden
Sara's Friends
Little Quilt
Rachel's Swing
The Sisters' Quilt
Boys n' Berries
Sweet Corn
Michael's Rabbit
The Quilter
Katie's Eggs
Settlers Quilt
The Promise
Country Woman
Country Quilter
Little Berries
Two Hearts
Friendship Quilt
Shepherd Boy
Mama's Song
The Children's Corner
The Quilter II
Let Nature Sing

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