Free Christmas Designs

Please accept these Free Designs as my way of saying "thank you" to my loyal customers. These designs can be copied and shared with others for hand stitching only. Free doesn't mean that you can sell the finished stitched piece on eBay to make money. You can't do this. You also can't use the designs for machine embroidery, greeting cards, or other reproduction because I still own the copyright for these designs, and I reserve all rights to them, including the right to license them for other uses. Simply can't make money from my work if I don't make money from my work. This message is meant to explain the details for those who were wondering. Thank you and enjoy stitching my gifts!

The images displayed on the initial pages for each angel are low resolution preview images of the chart and sometimes a color preview image. Choose from the list of image formats below these preview images to download a high resolution image that will allow you to print and view the design clearly.

Pictures of Free Christmas Designs

Designs Stitched on Paper


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