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Designs by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum


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Photo of Grammy and her granddaughter Ceyanne
Grammy and her granddaughter Ceyanne
Photo of Issac and Emma
Grandchildren Issac and Emma

  Angel of the Morning......LL 53
  Angel of the Morning  
Copyright © 2001 Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum

Marilyn's Favorites

photo of Oh, Christmas Tree
Oh, Christmas Tree
L&L 24
photo of The Bride
The Bride
L&L 9
photo of Nantucket Rose
Nantucket Rose
L&L 20
photo of Santa of the Forest
Santa of the Forest
L&L 21
photo of Angel of the Sea
Angel of the Sea
L&L 37
photo of Emma's Garden
Emma's Garden
L&L 49
photo of The Quiltmaker
The Quiltmaker
L&L 27
photo of Song of Christmas
Song of Christmas
L&L 46
photo of Baby in a Basket
Baby in a Basket
TG 37
photo of Children's Garden
Children's Garden
BR 5
photo of Spiritdancer
BR 10

Hearthside Craftworks
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To find stores in your area that carry Told in a Garden designs, try the following sites:

Told in a Garden
Told in a Garden
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Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17607

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